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По умолчанию PhD in Computer Science (Quantum Computing, Algorithms, AI) in University of Delaware

We are looking for excellent candidates for Ph.D. positions in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Delaware. Students will work under the supervision of Dr. Ilya Safro. Some projects will include collaboration with national labs including internships. We are looking for students in three areas.

(1) Area I - Quantum computing for graph algorithms, machine learning, and mathematical optimization.

The ideal candidate should have a basic background in
- discrete mathematics, algorithms
- principles of machine learning
- numerical methods, linear algebra
- C/C++, python

Basic knowledge of quantum computing, optimization or multigrid is a big plus. Some experience in QISKIT, PennyLane and quantum simulators will be considered as an advantage (not mandatory).

(2) Area II - AI, machine learning and knowledge discovery with applications in natural language processing and text mining.

The ideal candidate should have a basic background in machine learning (including deep learning) and AI. Some experience with Tensorflow, Keras or other machine learning libraries and high-performance computing will be considered as advantage.

(3) Area III - Graph algorithms, combinatorial scientific computing, large-scale optimization, network science.

The ideal candidate should have a basic background in algorithms, theoretical computer science and graph/network libraries (such as Boost Graph Library, GraphBLAS, and NetworkX).

Please send your application to Ilya Safro at isafro at udel dot edu. The application should include one pdf with
- cover letter or/and essay
- resume
- grades
- contact details of 2-3 references
The subject line must contain either "PhD Application (QC)" if you are interested in working on quantum computing, "PhD Application (AI)" if you are interested in working on AI/machine learning, or "PhD Application (GR)" if you are interested in working on graphs/network science/combinatorial scientific computing.

The 7th oldest institution of higher education in USA, the University of Delaware (with about 18,000+ undergraduate and 3,000+ full-time graduate students) is conveniently situated halfway between Washington, D.C., and New York City, and about forty minutes away from Baltimore and Philadelphia. The University is a home to such world-class research centers as Data Science Institute, Delaware Energy Institute, Delaware Biotechnology Institute, National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals, and many more.

Dr. Ilya Safro
Computer and Information Sciences
Univeristy of Delaware
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