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По умолчанию Аспирантура по теории твердого тела в Итальянском Институт Технологий (Генуя)


Deadline June 15th, starting date Nov 1st

PhD positions are available in the Quantum Materials Theory group led by Sergey Artyukhin at the Italian Institute of Technology/University of Genova to work on non-collinear magnets, ferroelectrics, multiferroics and other functional materials. We are interested in the interacting magnetic, electronic and structural degrees of freedom, including on ultrafast timescales, resulting spectroscopic properties, electron-phonon interactions, and formation and motion of non-trivial spin textures. We use standard DFT/DMFT/atomistic and micromagnetic spin dynamics simulations/Monte-Carlo/finite element methods and a set of in-house programs for deriving effective Hamiltonians with structural and magnetic degrees of freedom from ab-initio and simulating them.

You will learn both analytical and numerical techniques. The successful candidate will work in a dynamic international environment, collaborate with leading theory and experimental groups in the field, attend conferences/schools and will be supported by an internationally competitive PhD salary. Strong background in condensed matter theory is required.

To apply, please send your CV and a short description of your interests to sergey.artyukhin at iit.it

The deadline for the complete application to be submitted at unige.it/en/usg/en/phd-programmes
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