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Research Assistant/Research Associate, Institute of Translational Medicine, Liverpool
Research Assistant/Research Associate

£26,004 - £35,939 pa

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Institute of Translational Medicine

Location: Liverpool City Centre

Ref: R-580284/WWW

Closing date for receipt of applications: 29 August 2012

An opportunity is available to join the Medial Research Council (MRC) funded North West Hub for Trials Methodology Research, University of Liverpool, to undertake research in rare disease clinical trials. The prime objectives of the post are to undertake a review of clinical trials in rare diseases to describe the methodology that has been used in practice and identify the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. You will also contribute to the development of a workshop on clinical trials in rare diseases.

You should have a 1st class honours or a 2:1 degree in a subject with a strong statistics component and an MSc in Medical Statistics. Previous research experience in clinical trials and medical statistics is desirable. The post is available until 30 September 2013

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Postdoctoral Research Associate, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Institute of Integrative Biology
Postdoctoral Research Associate

£31,020 - £35,939 pa

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Institute of Integrative Biology

Location: Liverpool City Centre

Ref: R-580285/WWW

Closing date for receipt of applications: 10 September 2012

We are seeking an experienced individual for a BBSRC funded project to identify the mechanisms through which the tsetse fly symbiont Sodalis alters tsetse susceptibility to trypanosomes. You should have experience of using cell culture, molecular biology and high throughput sequencing to generate genomic and RNASeq data. The project involves the Centre for Genomic Research, a leading laboratory for the application of genomic technologies and bioinformatic analyses. A PhD in a biology related subject is essential. The post is available for 3 years.

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Research Associate Position in Complement Therapeutics at King’s College London in UK
Research Associate in Complement Therapeutics

Innate Immunity Section/Division of Transplantation Immunology and Mucosal Biology




The Division of Transplantation Immunology and Mucosal Biology wishes appoint an experienced Research Fellow to join its new Protein Therapeutics Laboratory at Guy’s Campus of King’s College London.

The PTL aims to discover and carry out translational research on novel protein and peptide therapeutic agents in the general areas of immunology and inflammatory disease but with a special emphasis on therapies that can have a near-term impact on transplantation outcomes.

Candidates will be expected to support the EMPIRIKAL clinical trial studying the complement regulator therapeutic agent Mirococept and carry out in vitro research on membrane-interactive regulators of complement activation and blood coagulation. They will apply and develop techniques for the study of complement and coagulation activation on cells and in tissues, participate and contribute to the development and implementation of research programmes within the PTL and MRC Centre for Transplantation.

This position offers an excellent opportunity to join this exciting and innovative research laboratory and will provide a range of opportunities for training in complement therapeutics research.


Candidates should possess a PhD or equivalent in Biochemistry, Biological Chemistry or Molecular and Cellular Biology

For an informal discussion of the post please contact on 020 7188 8567, or via email at Richard.a.smith@kcl.ac.uk.

The closing date for receipt of applications is 29 October 2012.

Equality of opportunity is College policy.


The appointment will be made, dependent on relevant qualifications, within the Grade 6 scale, currently £31,020 to £37,012, per annum plus £2,323 per annum London Allowance.

Post duration

Fixed term contract for 2 years.


For an application pack please click on the ‘Further details’ link below. All correspondence should clearly state the job title and reference number R6/MJK/1040/12-JE. If you have any queries please contact Recruitment at recruitmentteam7@kcl.ac.uk

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PhD Studentship in Biomedical Instrumentation at Department of Biomedical Engineering in Sweden

KUNGÖRELSE 2012-10-16

Dnr IMT-2012-00019

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at Linköpings universitet is a national centre for research and education in Biomedical Engineering. The research is motivated by the requirements in healthcare and takes place in close collaboration with the biomedical industry and hospital clinics.
It is our aim to be a catalyst in the biomedical engineering innovation system of the future - an arena for leading international researchers and teachers where new knowledge is created and dispersed. Through development and integration of biomedical research, health care and the business community, we will contribute to increased quality of life on a global basis.

Hereby opens a position as

Ph.D. student in Biomedical Instrumentation

at the Department of Biomedical Engineering

A PhD student should mainly work on their doctoral thesis. A PhD student is expected to, within certain limits, work with teaching and administration duties. Before graduation such assignments should not represent more than 20 percent of full time work.

Research field
The PhD thesis work includes basic research on techniques for the imaging of the microvascular bed anatomy and physiology. The PhD student has to learn and to implement algorithms based on dynamic light scattering models (laser Doppler imaging) and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, for analysing multidimensional data sets. In addition, hardware and software development is included, with the possibility of clinical evaluation.

Qualified for employment as a PhD student are those being accepted or already have being admitted to graduate studies. Admission will be made in connection with employment as a PhD student.
Eligible for admission to graduate studies in Biomedical Instrumentation are students that meet the basic and special qualifications. Basic eligibility requires a higher education degree at advanced level, or having completed course requirements of at least 240 credits, including a minimum of 60 credits at advanced level, or having acquired the equivalent skills and knowledge, abroad or domestically.
Specific entry requirements for admission to graduate studies in Biomedical Instrumentation are students with a degree from a 5 year one cycle MSc program or a second cycle MSc program, relating to the topic, or qualified for another degree at an advanced level, corresponding to equivalent technical science scope and depth.

Equal opportunities
Linköping University will continue to develop as an attractive and creative workplace characterized by equal opportunities, and therefore actively promote equality of opportunity and diversity.

Period of appointment
The initial appointment is given for at most one year. It will be renewed yearly subject to successful performance of duties. The program corresponds to four years full-time studies. Normally, the studies are combined with 20% assistant teaching, which gives a period of employment of five years. The total period of employment cannot exceed eight years.

Start of employment
According to agreement.

According to the present standard rate for doctoral students at the department.

Professor Göran Salerud, phone +46 (0)13-28 67 55, goran.salerud@liu.se and Senior lecturer, PhD Marcus Larsson +46 (0)13-28 67 51, marcus.larsson@liu.se . Trade union representatives are Örjan Lönnevik (SACO), phone +46 (0) 13-28 66 34, (orjlo@ifm.liu.se) and Gerd Röndahl (OFR/S), phone +46 (0)11-36 35 37, (gerd.rondahl@liu.se).

Procedure of application
The application and the documents you wish to refer to must reach Linköping University 2012-11-16. Late applications or documents will not be considered.
All applications must be clearly marked Dnr IMT-2012-00019 and sent to:
Registrator at IMT
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Linköping University
SE-581 83 Linköping

If you send your application by e-mail you send it to: registrator@imt.liu.se . The application must be clearly marked Dnr IMT-2012-00019.
Documents that are sent electronically must be in Ms Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat.
The application must include:
• The name of the position you are applying for and the Registration number
• CV
• A transcript
• Master´s Thesis (finished or draft)
• Letter of reference

CV template

CV template

Subscribe to vacancies

Page responsible: randi.hellgren@liu.se

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PhD fellowship in medical molecular pharmacology
PhD fellowship in medical molecular pharmacology / Receptor de- and re-sensitization

Job description:
A 3-year fellowship to complete PhD studies in medical molecular pharmacology is available at the Department of Cardiovascular and Renal Research, Institute of Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences.
The section of medical molecular pharmacology (head: Prof. Dr. Jo G. R. De Mey) is a recent addition to the Department of Cardiovascular and Renal Research.
It focusses on basic scientific research aimed at the translation of modern developments in molecular pharmacology into better pharmacotherapy of patients suffering from cardiovascular or renal diseases.

This particular PhD project addresses molecular mechanisms that control the sensitivity of 7-transmembrane domain receptors for vasoactive peptides with respect to the fast and slow biological processes which they modulate (e.g. ionic currents and contraction on the one hand, and MAPK activation, cellular proliferation and apoptosis on the other hand).
To this end it will use among others, cell culture of vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells, arterial organ culture, organ bath techniques, patch-clamp experiments, and FACS analyses.

Applicants must hold a degree of candidate in medicine (M.D.) or equivalent master’s degree (M.Sc.) in biomedical sciences, pharmacy or biology.
The successful applicant will be enrolled in the Graduate School of Kidney, Heart and Blood Pressure at the University of Southern Denmark.

Further information can be obtained from Jo G. R. De Mey; e-mail: jdemey@health.sdu.dk

Application, salary, etc.:

The PhD programme will be carried out in accordance with Faculty regulations and the Danish Ministerial Order on the PhD Programme at the Universities (PhD order)

The terms of employment as a salaried PhD Research Fellow are stated in the Agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC).

Applications must include:

• At letter stating the interest, motivation and qualifications for the project (max. 2 pages)
• Detailed CV, including personal contact information
• Certified copy of diploma (Master’s degree in a relevant field)
• At least two signed reference letters

Closing date 1 November 2012

Applications (in English) must be forwarded by e-mail (in Adobe PDF format alternatively Word 2003 or newer format) to jdemey@health.sdu.dk and imm@health.sdu.dk.
Applications must be marked: Job ID 121072

Additional information may be requested and the application process may include an interview before final decision is made.

Successful candidates will be asked to send an application to the PhD Secretariat, Faculty of Health Sciences, to be enrolled as PhD students.

Incomplete applications and applications received after the deadline will not be considered. This also applies to reference letters.

All interested and qualified persons are encouraged to apply, regardless of age, gender, religious affiliation or ethnic background.

Read more:
The PhD School at the Faculty of Health Sciences

Closing date 1 November, 2012 at 12 noon
Location: Odense

Mark application Job ID 121072 and send it to:

jdemey@health.sdu.dk and imm@health.sdu.dk

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International postgraduate program in epidemiology and public health (IPPE) 2013-2014
The international postgraduate program in epidemiology and public health (IPPE) at the School of Health Sciences, University of Tampere, Finland, is a doctoral training and research program for highly qualified epidemiologists, researchers and public health personnel worldwide who are aiming at a PhD degree in epidemiology or public health.

The main objectives of the international doctoral program are to increase knowledge and understanding of major public health problems, particularly in low-income countries, and to build sustainable public health capacity in these countries by working with global partners in training epidemiologists and public health personnel for leadership positions in research, administration, program planning and policy development.
The School of Health Sciences (HES) is an education and research institute at the University of Tampere (UTA), Finland. The School is ranked as one of the leading institutions in research within the University and has received international recognition. Instruction is offered at bachelor, master and doctoral levels, with a strong emphasis on training in research methods. Doctoral program faculty are involved in several international collaborative research projects. Teaching and research at the School are multidisciplinary including the fields of biometry, community health, epidemiology, gerontology, occupational health, health economics, social psychiatry, social and health policy and nursing science.

International doctoral program content

The international doctoral program in epidemiology and public health consists of intensive theoretical and practical training in epidemiology, biostatistics and other public health sciences, weekly research seminars and individual supervision (please see the 2011-2012 IPPE course list). The students are given considerable latitude in selecting courses and the program may be tailored to meet the individual learning and professional goals of the student. The selected PhD candidates will attend the 2013-2014 academic year (September-May) at Tampere School of Health Sciences to complete the required coursework (60 ECTS or 30 ECTS for those with an MD degree from an accredited university). During the academic year in Finland, the PhD candidates also prepare a comprehensive research plan for their PhD thesis. The bulk of field research and data analysis, however, is generally conducted afterwards and the candidates have the option of working in their country of origin, or in Finland. Completion of a doctoral degree usually requires 2-3 additional years. A doctoral dissertation in epidemiology usually consists of four original scientific papers published in a peer reviewed journal. After completion of coursework and successful public defense of dissertation, the candidate will receive a doctoral degree (PhD) in epidemiology or in a related public health discipline.

Дедлайн 15 марта 2013
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Конференция "Метаболический синдром: междисциплинарные проблемы и их решения"

Министерство здравоохранения Республики Узбекистан
Ташкентский институт усовершенствования врачей

Республиканская научно-практическая конференция
«Метаболический синдром: междисциплинарные проблемы и их решения»
14 марта 2013 года г. Ташкент

Уважаемые коллеги!
Приглашаем Вас принять участие в Республиканской научно-практической конференции «Метаболический синдром: междисциплинарные проблемы и их решения»,
которая будет проходить 14 марта 2013 года в городе Ташкенте
(тезисы принимаются до 28 февраля)

Основная цель конференции – ознакомить участников с современными достижениями науки в области этиологии, патогенеза, диагностики и лечения метаболического синдрома, его значимости как междисциплинарной проблемы и обсудить пути внедрения новых методов диагностики и лечения этой патологии в практику здравоохранения.
В конференции могут принять участие все специалисты интересующиеся проблемой метаболического синдрома и, в первую очередь, молодые ученые, магистры, клинические ординаторы, а также и студенты.

Научная программа конференции:

- Эпидемиология метаболического синдрома и связанных с ним заболеваний
- Значимость метаболического синдрома в заболеваемости и смертности населения
- Патогенетические аспекты метаболического синдрома
- Методы выявления и диагностические критерии метаболического синдрома
- Особенности клинических проявлений и методы лечения различных заболеваний при метаболическом синдроме
- Новые методы лечения метаболического синдрома.
- Метаболический синдром в различных областях медицины
- Взаимосвязь различных компонентов метаболического синдрома (сахарный диабет 2 типа, НТГ, артериальная гипертония, ожирение, гиперлипидемия, гиперурикемия).
- Возможности и перспективы профилактики метаболического синдрома.

Официальные языки конференции – узбекский, русский.

Условия и формы участия в конференции:

Формы участия в конференции:
• Публикация тезисов без доклада;
• Публикация тезисов и выступление с устным докладом;
• Выступление с устным докладом без публикации.
• Стендовый (постерный) доклад (подача тезисов обязательна)

Для участия в конференции необходимо до 28го февраля 2013 года направить в секретариат Оргкомитета Регистрационную карту участника (Приложение №1) и тезисы по форме (Приложение 2).

Организационный взнос: Участие в конференции и публикация тезисов - бесплатно.

Для иногородних участников (по их заявкам) будут бронироваться места в гостинице.

Приложение 1.
Регистрационная карта
1. Фамилия, имя, отчество …….………………………...………… ……………………
2. Место работы ..........................................…… ……………………………….
3. Название учреждения .................................................. .................................................. ....
4. Должность ………………......….………….......... .................................................. .....
5. Адрес : ……………………………….…….…… ………………………………………….
6. Телефон……………..................... ……........……Fax ...................................……………
7. E-mail ……………………………................. .................................................. ............

Приложение 2

1. Тезисы (в двух экземплярах, один из них подписывается всеми авторами работы и утверждается руководителем учреждения) отправлять вложенным файлом по электронной почте: malaka@inbox.ru или по адресу: 100007, Ташкент, Мирзо-Улугбекский район, ул. Паркент 51, ТашИУВ с пометкой на конверте «Конференция – Метаболический синдром». Ответственный сотрудник – Ша-Ахмедова Лиля Рашидовна, телефон: 8 (371) 268-07-23
2. Текст тезисов должен быть набран в программе Word, с расширением RTF, шрифтом Arial 12, через 1 интервал, объемом не более 1 страницы А4 ( все поля по 2 см. - верхнее, нижнее, левое и правое). Текст тезисов не должен содержать таблиц, рисунков и графиков.

Размещение текста на листе:
1 строка – название (заглавными буквами). В названии тезисов сокращения не
2 строка – фамилии, инициалы авторов.
3 строка – название учреждения (полностью, без сокращений), город, страна.
4 строка – текст тезисов с красной строки.
3. В содержании тезисов должны быть отражены следующие разделы: цель работы, материалы и методы исследования, полученные результаты, заключение. В тексте тезисов не следует приводить ссылки на литературные источники.
На отдельном листе прилагаются сведения об авторах (Ф.И.О., место работы, должность, адрес для переписки, телефон).


Рахимов Ш.М., Шералиева У.М., Азимова Н.З.
Ташкентский педиатрический медицинский институт, Ташкент, Узбекистан.

Цель работы. Изучение …………………………………
Материалы и методы. Под наблюдением находились…………….
Результаты. Установлено ………………………………
Выводы. Таким образом ………………………………..

Работы, оформленные небрежно, без соблюдения указанных условий, полученные
после установленного срока, не будут приниматься к публикации.
Подаваемые материалы должны соответствовать тематике конференции.


Ташкент, 14 марта 2013
Дедлайн 28 февраля 2013
NB! Участие и публикация тезисов бесплатно.
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Конференция "Взаимодействие наук в контексте проблем антропологии: прошлое, настоящее, прогнозы"
Кафедра философии и истории науки
Центр подготовки научно-педагогических кадров

Всероссийская научная конференция

Дата проведения – 21 марта (четверг)
Место проведения – ул. Муштари, 11, Казанская государственная медицинская академия, библиотека
10.00 – 13.00
1. Взаимодействие естественных, технических и гуманитарных наук.
2. Взаимодействие химии и смежных областей научно-технического знания.
3. Химия и технология полимерных и композитных материалов: наука, техника, жизнь.
14.00 –17.00
1. Взаимодействие медицины и смежных областей научно-технического знания
2. Формы организации здравоохранения и реальности клинической медицины: проблемы оптимизации взаимоотношений.
3. Человек в мегаполисе: темп, стресс, экстремальность досуга.

Статьи (объём – до 10 стр.), оформленные в соответствии со следующими требованиями оргкомитета, принимаются до 17 марта 2013 года только по адресу philosoph@list.ru.
Формат MS Word (doc, rtf, Times New Roman, кегль14, интервал 1,5; поля сверху, снизу, слева, справа – 2,0 см; абзацный отступ одинаковый по всему тексту (стандартный 1,27). По центру: название статьи (прописными буквами), внизу под названием – ФИО автора, еще ниже - ученая степень, должность, город, организация курсивом, контактный e-mail. Подстрочные ссылки не допускаются! Ссылки на литературу приводятся в тексте в квадратных скобках: [1]; если указывается несколько ссылок сразу, то [1, 3-8]; если указывается страница – [1, с. 254-256]. Для книг указывается город, издательство и год издания, общее количество страниц, для статей – название журнала, год издания, том, выпуск (или номер), страницы начала и конца статьи. В случае непрямого цитирования в начале соответствующей ссылки указывается «см.». Ссылка на электронные источники должна включать информацию о сайте, режиме доступа и дату последнего посещения.

ВНИМАНИЕ! Материалы конференции будут опубликованы в электронном виде на сайте кафедры «Философия и история науки» КНИТУ в авторской редакции. Печатный вариант не предусматривается.
Все участники приезжают за свой счет, на проезд и проживание участников выделение средств не предусматривается.
Оргкомитет конференции: председатель конференции – заведующий кафедрой философии и истории науки КНИТУ профессор В.И. Курашов, секретарь оргкомитета – инженер кафедры философии и истории науки Ф.С. Мустакимова.
Контакты: 420015, Казань, ул.К.Маркса, 68, КНИТУ, кафедра философии и истории науки, комната А-414, тел/факс (843) 231-42-22; тел. (843) 231-43-12, e-mail: philosoph@list.ru.

Казань, 21 марта 2013
Дедлайн 17 марта 2013
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Сообщение от watteau Посмотреть сообщение
Кафедра философии и истории науки
Боже ты мой (а может Аллах ты мой) кто только конфы не устраивает?!

Добавлено через 1 минуту
Мое предложение. Давайте модерировать конфы.
«Occultare potest ad tempus veritas, vinci non potest. Florere potest ad tempus iniquitas, permanere non potest». Св. Августин.
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LeoChpr, welcome.
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