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По умолчанию Вакансия в аспирантуре Эйндховенского Университета

The Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) has a PhD vacancy
at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The Eindhoven University of Technology is one of the leading
institutions of higher-education and research in The
Netherlands. The Systems Engineering Group performs research to
gain insight in the field of Systems Engineering, makes the
results accessible to other research groups, and incorporates
the results in undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate
courses in Systems Engineering to improve their quality. The
Systems Engineering Group has long-term contacts with industry
to validate, and to utilize the results of their research. In
the framework of the European FP7 project "Control for
coordination", the Systems Engineering group is looking for a
PhD student to work in the exciting field of control of
manufacturing networks and logistical systems.


A candidate for this challenging position should have a
Master’s degree or its equivalent in Mathematics, Electrical
Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or in Applied Physics.
He/she should have a strong interest in dynamical systems and
control theory.

Appointment and Salary

The appointment is for four years. As an employee of the
university you will receive a competitive salary as well as
excellent secondary benefits (holiday allowance, etc.). The
research in this project must be concluded with the attainment
of a PhD degree. A salary is offered starting at Euro 1877,00
per month (gross) in the first year and increasing up to Euro
2407,00 per month (gross) in the last year. Moreover 8% bonus
share (holiday supplement) is provided annually. Assistance for
finding accommodation can be given.


If you are interested in this PhD position and want more
information, please contact Dr. Alexander Pogromsky
a.pogromsky@tue.nl, tel. +31402473464

More information about the Systems Engineering Group can be
found on the web:


If you are interested in this PhD position, please send by
email (a.pogromsky@tue.nl with subject "c4c application") a
detailed curriculum vitae, an explanation of your interest in
the proposed research topic, a publication list, your course
programme and corresponding grades, references and all other
information that might be relevant to your application.
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